Supervision of children on outings

Policy statement

Children benefit from being taken outside of the premises on visits which enhance their learning experiences. We ensure that there are procedures to keep children safe on outings; all staff and volunteers are aware of and follow the procedures as laid out below.


  • Any outings are to the main Kea CP school building or site (field, adventure playground, court).
  • During Forest School, staff and children remain on the preschool and Kea CP School grounds.
  • Permission is gained from parents for this on their application form.
  • We ensure we take any medications that may be needed by the children and a first aid kit and tissues.
  • We assess the risks for these areas and review them regularly.
  • We ensure that all children on the outing are well supervised, that no child goes astray and that there is no unauthorised access to children.
  • Staff frequently count the children.
  • We apply sun cream to children as needed and ensure they are dressed appropriately for the type of outing and weather conditions.
  • We take a mobile phone, a mini first aid kit and a list of children with us.
This policy was adopted by Kea Preschool Ltd
Adopted On 1st October 2021
Date reviewed 25th October 2023
Date to be Reviewed October 2024
Signed on behalf of the provider TMKEMP
Name of signatory Tracey Kemp
Role of signatory (e.g. chair, director or owner) Manager