Food & Snacks

We are committed to encouraging healthy lifestyles at Kea Preschool. Children’s eating habits formed in the early years have consequences for their health and development in later life which is why it is so important to promote healthy eating from the start.

We are encouraging less sugar consumption by having a policy of no chocolate smoothies or sweets in lunchboxes. Furthermore, because we always have a number of children with allergies (some life threatening) we have a no nut product policy. We are also unable to have Hummus and breadsticks at preschool due to allergies.

As a team, we know that children use a lot of energy whilst at preschool. With this in mind, we are allowing parents to put in a small sweet treat into packed lunches. Little treats such as a mini fruit loaf, Mr Kipling 30% Less Sugar Angel Slices, Mini Jammie Dodgers or Soreen Lunchbox Loaves.

For safety reasons we also ask that small items such as mini sausages, baby tomatoes, grapes (anything that is small) are cut in half and then lengthways to avoid choking. We would also advise no popcorn for children under the age of 5.

I have attached our Food and Drink policy for your information.

We offer a snack to children in the morning and one in the afternoon. At lunchtime, parents can choose to have a cooked lunch (provided by Kea School) or bring a packed lunch.

Food & Snacks Policy